Earn Money with Creaitor

Join the Creaitor Affiliate Program and unlock the opportunity to earn a 30% recurring commission on every referral you make. By partnering with us, you'll help others discover our innovative tools and resources while building a steady income stream for yourself.

How the Program Works

Get a unique link

Sign up to be a Partner and you'll get a unique referral link that tracks who clicked and signed up.

Share your link

Refer Creaitor to your friends, colleagues or followers, and we'll automatically track each sign-up and payment

Earn Commission

Every month your referrals subscription renews, you'll get 30% recurring commission for life.

Earn 30% unlimited recurring monthly income

When a user you referred signs up to Creaitor.ai, we'll send you a 30% commission every month as long as the subscription stays active. Depending on their plan, you'll earn between $6/mo-$90/mo per customer for as long as they are a subscriber!

Sign up within 1 minute and start earning

It takes less than a minute to sign up as a promoter and you can start using your referral link right away. Easily monitor clicks, sign-ups and earnings on your personal promoter dashboard.

Monitor your earning performance

Our promoter dashboard makes it super easy to have a detailed overview of your referral performance. Keep track of every click on your referral link, every sign-up attributed to you and every amount earned. Then just sit back and wait for your monthly payout!

Who should become a partner?

Satisfied Creaitor.ai Users

If you are already using Creaitor to simplify your content creation, chances are that others around you will also greatly benefit from it. Why not earn money by recommending it?

Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers

Do you professionally promote products to your audience on your favorite channels? We have a great product to boost your revenue!

Agencies, freelancers, and consultants

Want to refer your clients? They will benefit from an amazing tool that will help them grow their business and you get to earn an easy commission.


There really is no limit to how much you can earn. You will automatically receive a 30% commission on every payment made by any valid subscriber that uses your link to sign up to Creaitor.ai
There are no limits to the amount of paying subscribers that can use your referral link to sign up. So the sky is the limit!

Check our pricing page for details. Creaitor has subscription plans for all types of users and budgets. From freelancers to small teams and businesses of any size, the right pricing plan is just a click away.

No, any such attempt will be rejected. All referral signups are checked for validity and a fraud prevention mechanism prevents any abuse of the Creaitor Affiliate Program.

Paid ads (i.e. Google Ads) are not allowed. You can use any marketing channel you like to promote Creaitor, except for paid ads such as Google Ads.

The cookie lifespan is 60 days

Boost your passive income every time you refer Creaitor